Women Leaders in Global

Health Initiative (WLGHI)

A joint initiative by Global Health Council
and Women in Global Health

Women make up the vast majority of those working in the field of global health, but are seriously underrepresented at the institutional decision-making level, in global policy and governance forums, and in thought leadership panels and venues. Inequity continues to be pervasive at the highest levels, demonstrated by the recent 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) of the World Health Organization (WHO) where only 23% of chief delegates of member state delegations were headed by women.


Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGHI) is an initiative of Women in Global Health and Global Health Council (GHC), the leading membership organization supporting and connecting advocates, implementers, private-sector and stakeholders around global health priorities. WLGHI was conceived in spring 2015 in response to the question “Why aren’t there more women represented in the highest levels of global health and what can we do about it?” with the aspiration to recognize and develop female leaders in global health through a gender equity lens.


WLGHI focuses on the strategic priority areas of Advocacy, Networking, Mentorship and Capacity Building to effect social change. We work with partners at all levels to achieve greater gender equality in health leadership and ensure the visibility and meaningful presence of women in global health decision-making and thought leadership.


Vision: A world where women are represented in equal numbers to men at the highest levels of decision-making and visibility.


Mission: To address the individual, institutional and political challenges that impede women’s positioning as leaders in global health through strategic advocacy, networking, mentorship and capacity building.


The initiative will:


  • Increase access to leadership positions for women, as well as the visibility and recognition of women leaders in global health through advocacy, including:

    • Providing clear female role models for early and mid-career professionals.

    • Recognizing and promoting the work and thought leadership of women in global health.


  • Increase networking and mentorship opportunities for women, including:

    • Increasing the network reach for women leaders in global health.

    • Harboring 1:1, peer to peer, and group mentorship for all levels of female global health professionals.


  • Optimize opportunities for capacity building and skill development, including:

    • Mapping and encouraging the development of opportunities for women’s leadership advancement in the global health arena.

    • Identifying and sharing gender-transformational leadership resources.

    • Hosting events, workshops and trainings with partner organizations promoting women’s professional development.


Join us and bring greater gender equity to global health! WLGHI is seeking collaborators, supporters, and partners! Learn more about the initiative at globalhealth.org/WLGHI. To get involved, please contact wlghi@globalhealth.org.


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Funds raised by the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative will be directed towards elevating and supporting the role of women in global health and empower women to identify and develop necessary leadership skills. WLGHI advocates for ending gender disparity in global health leadership through capacity building, mentorship and networking. Through the use of these tools, and by involving all genders, we will strengthen the global health community and magnify female leaders’ voices. 

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Loyce Pace, MPH, President and Executive Director of Global Health Council, a leader who has worked on the ground in more than 10 countries delivering health programs and mobilizing advocates.