The Future of Global Health Unconference 2016

On 14 April, Women in Global Health's Kelly Thompson served as a conversation hub leader at The Future of Global Health Unconference 2016 in Washington, DC.  The event was co-sponsored by Global Health Council and USAID's Global Health Fellows Program II.  As an unconference, the event broke away from the traditional global health event of panels which provided opportunity for open conversations and mentoring.  Kelly led a conversation hub on "The Vibrant Global Health Workforce".  The conversation focused on gender diversity in global health leadership with many of the conversants adding to the research findings of WGH with their own personal stories as early-career professionals working in global health.  The key take away messages from the series of conversations at Kelly's hub were that we have identified the current gaps in gender equality within the field of global health and that moving forward we need clear and well-researched interventions to even the playing field.