WHO Partners Forum - An Occasion for Collaboration

WHO, together with the Government of Sweden, hosted the Inaugural WHO Partners Forum from April 9-10 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Inaugural WHO Partners Forum marked the beginning of a collaborative endeavor between WHO and its partners to secure the resources necessary to deliver the World Health Organization’s Thirteenth General Programme of Work 2019-2023 (#GPW13) and, in so doing, to realize the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3).

Triple Billion targets of WHO in the 13th Thirteenth General Programme of work 2019−2023.

The investment needed #WHOImpact .

Leaders of organizations and member-states pose for a picture at the Inaugural Partners Forum.

The Inaugural WHO Partners Forum brought together about 200 contributors to WHO, including Member States, intergovernmental organizations, academic institutions, civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations and private sector entities-- including Women in Global Health, represented by our Executive Director, Dr. Roopa Dhatt, spoke on the panel about the Triple Billion Targets in GPW13.

Key Takeaways:

WHO is serious about honest feedback on how to be a better partner, how to achieve a common vision and how to mobilize resources to achieve WHO’s bold vision for world health.

Our two wishes for WHO:

1: A stronger WHO, that has ‘triple’ power:

  • Power to convene x

  • Power of knowledge x

  • Power to challenge, a unique mandate to drive real change where it matters the most

2: A tangible commitment to gender equality, diversity and including, through acting on the recommendation from the WHO-CSO Task Team: establish an independent “Inclusivity Advisory and Oversight Group” at WHO to develop and implement policies on gender, youth, equity, and rights.

We support the call for:

  • Member States to mobilize resources and finance WHO appropriately for its mission by doubling assessed contributions of member states to WHO’s central budget.

  • All donors, including member states, for unrestricted, flexible, un-earmarked funding to enable WHO. WHO should be able to drive priorities and programmes, not donors and philanthropy.

  • For partnerships - ‘no fences’ - and more strategic partnerships that do not undercut the critical norm setting, science, evidence driven work of WHO. Strong partnerships and sustainable financing are important for WHO is to fulfil its mandate and achieve the goals set out in General Programme of Work.

To learn more about WHO's vision and investment case, check out: WHO Partners Forum.

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