Key take-away messages from technical briefing on primary health care as a key to achieving universa

Christine Mbodze Mataza, Nurse in charge, Kilifi County, Kenya and Heroine of Health spoke at this briefing in the Palais des nations, alongside Director General Dr. Tedros. The technical briefing reviewed lessons learnt on the implementation of primary health care over these past four decades. This session informed the future implementation of primary health care toward universal health coverage in our globalized world.
Women in Global Health's take away messages from this session are:

1- Primary Health Care is a key pillar of Universal Health Coverage. We must invest in communities and invest in the health workforce to achieve both, especially in women as drivers of health.

2- Involving all stakeholders, especially the community perspective, health workforce, youth, and women is important to achieve PHC and UHC.

3- While digital health, including artificial intelligence and other technology, all have a role in PHC, we must not forget the health promotion, health prevention and primary care by the hands of the health workforce in their communities

4- Health in all policies, working with other sectors, addressing the social determinants of health

5- We had the same dialogue 10 years ago, what has changed and how will we do things differently?

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