"Women's leadership in global health" Graduate Institute Strategy Roundtable #4

On November 29, 2017, Women in Global Health (WGH) partnered with the Global Health Centre (GHC) at the Graduate Institute to hold a strategic roundtable event in Geneva, Switzerland. This was the 4th part of an ongoing series exploring gender equality in global health. Speakers included Dr Michaela Told from GHC and Dr. Roopa Dhatt from WGH. In attendance were approximately 20 high-level leaders and advisors in global health policy and strategy, members of various international missions to Geneva, and the international secretariat. The purpose of the event was to combine multi-stakeholder efforts to engage the WHO Executive Board, Member States, and the WHO in discussion about their specific plans for gender equality, surrounding the WHO Global Programme of Work 13 (GPW13). The figure below describes conclusions for action that were reached during the workshop.

Key areas for action:

In addition, the meeting discussed the need for a “shared responsibility,” not only between Member States and the different international organisations or other actors, but also between women and men in order to achieve gender equality. It requires a mind-set shift in the organisational culture as well as clear leadership to push this agenda forward. GHC and WGH are committed to continuing the dialogue and building on the shared agenda shaped during the roundtables. The series will continue with the 5th roundtable scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

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