Gender Equity Hub Launch under Global Health Workforce Network - collaboration between World Health

At the 4th Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, Women in Global Health and the World Health Organization partnered together to launch the Gender Equity Hub under the Global Health Workforce Network.

The ILO-OECD-WHO Working for Health five-year action plan identified the (1) development of gender-transformative global policy guidance and (2) support to build implementation capacity to overcome gender biases and inequalities in the education and health labour market as two key deliverables to maximize women’s economic participation and empowerment.

This session convened the first consultative discussion towards the development of a Gender Equity Hub under the umbrella of the Global Health Workforce Network. Attendees participated in this session by walking through a series of questions with facilitators Roopa Dhatt (Executive Director, Women in Global Health) and Tana Wuliji (Technical Officer, World Health Organization):

  • What are we trying to achieve?

  • Who’s doing what in this area? Who needs to be engaged?

  • How do we go about it? (Best Practices)

  • Other, Bank Topics


What are we trying to achieve?

  • Achieve equity of pay regardless of gender

  • Engage Men in leadership positions, getting women into key leadership positions

  • Diversity (in gender, profession, backgrounds) and in Policies in Solutions

  • Data on gender in our organizations, in-ward, the impact of women on board/positions

  • Redefining gender roles, who does what & why, shifting rolls (Patrick) equal representation in management and leadership positions

  • Shifting power dynamics

Who’s doing what in this area? Who needs to be engaged?

  • Other sectors

  • Engaging the research community

  • Private sector

  • Health worker unions

  • Regulatory bodies - professionals councils

  • Civil society working on women and children’s issues

  • Academia

How do we go about it? (Best Practices)

  • Mapping, Data, Evidence - Research

  • Score card with recommendations , multiple levels

  • Life histories - methods

  • Access to training

  • Job mobility

  • Advocacy/policy

  • Men champions

  • Case studies - healthy leadership practices, qualitative, social issues

  • Strengthening unions, health system engagement in unions

  • Deputy Secretary from Ministry of Health will be there – opportunity to speak with him

  • Need for guidance from WHO on this

Other/Bank topics:

  • Why we can’t achieve?

  • Barriers

  • Cost time, paternity leave

  • Good practices/policies

  • visibility/recognition - role models

  • Intersectionality

  • Nuances are context specific

Main objectives of the Gender Equity Hub (GEH):

  • To develop the objectives and prioritize key deliverables of the Gender Equity Hub

  • To identify key stakeholders and map existing initiatives and programmes of relevance

  • To discuss next steps towards the establishment of the Gender Equity Hub

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