Lives in their hands - Stories by health workers from around the world

More than 100 attendees joined the Storytelling Evening 'Lives in their hands - Stories by health workers from around the world' that Women in Global Health organized with the World Health Organization Workforce and the Frontline Healthcare Workers Coalition on November 13th, 2017. This creative session was held at the 4th Global Forum for Human Resources for Health in Dublin, Ireland.


1. Health workers are the broad spectrum of those contributing to the health & well being of people. They face numerous challenges- low resources, personal safety (health, physical, personal), motivation, confidence, heavy burden, burnout, etc.

2. Health workers telling their stories makes it personal, human what we do in global health for and with the health workforce.

3. The human spirit- Whether it is stopping at the side of the road at night to help someone when you are not supposed to, who then becomes your family to asking one personal question and discovering your patient had had dinner with the most famous film stars to relentless courage to pick up and face the most challenging circumstances to day in day out provide care, even after having been personally and sexually abused, simply because “it matters", "I make a difference” and "I provide hope”.

4. Investing in the health workforce matters, especially to reach the toughest settings. The Community Health Workers (CHWs) and midwives go where no one else goes to provide care. They not only give their patients necessary care, but provide training, leadership development build their own confidence and inspire confidence in others.

5. Women compromise majority of the health workforce, there are gender dimensions to this space, we cannot overlook. In order to inspire, recruit, retain and develop the health workforce, health workers need to be empowered- address the resource gaps & provide support through leadership development, mentoring & recognition.

Watch all of these amazing health workers' presentations at:

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