INFOGRAPHIC: Impact of COVID-19 on Women Health and Care Workers

Women in Global Health has released a new infographic on the Impact of COVID-19 on Women Health and Care Workers. As part of the Gender Equal Health and Care Workforce Initiative, the graphic features figures on women's leadership, health, pay inequalities, and the benefits of investing in women in health. 

WGH has compiled a checklist of resources to ensure journalists writing stories about the COVID-19 pandemic include the expertise, experience, and concerns of diverse women. Media often overlook women's critical global health experience by excluding them from the talent pool. Women's expertise is out there. We call on journalists to join our COVID 50/50 Campaign for a Gender-Responsive Approach to Global Health Security and apply a Power, Privilege, and Gender Lens to reporting on global health. 

Pocket Guide to Gender Mainstreaming

Created for the 142nd session of the Executive Board (22–27 January 2018) in partnership with the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute Geneva, Women in Global Health offered participants pocket guides based on their role within the global health community (Member State Delegate, Global Health worker,International Organisation Team Leader, and International Organisation Team Member) to implement gender mainstreaming.

Gender Equality Event Organizer's Checklist

There is a need for equal gender representation in global health leadership, and this equal representation should be reflected in global health events. These events should include the perspectives and interests of all genders, recognize the importance of diversity, and emphasize both male and female role models. The checklist was created in partnership with Global Health Council under the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative to support event organizers to ensure greater gender parity at global health events.

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