Game-changing priorities for UHC

By Françoise Girard, president of the International Women’s Health Coalition; Katja Iversen, president and CEO of Women Deliver; Roopa Dhatt, executive director and co-founder of Women in Global Health; and Kim van Daalen, Women in Global Health.

Gender equality comments on the draft thirteenth general programme of work 2019−2023

Is World Health Organization (WHO) walking the talk on gender equality?

Reflections on WHO’s Global Program of Work (GPW13) Advanced Draft (5 January 2018). By: Dr. Roopa Dhatt, Dr. Kelly Thompson and Ann Keeling. Graphics by: Caity Jackson

Gender equality & Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

All Roads Lead to Universal Health Coverage –and Women Will Deliver It

By: Ann Keeling, Policy Fellow, Women in Global Health

WHO Elections: what does gender have to do with it?

By: Roopa Dhatt, Director Women in Global Health. Acknowledgements: Mehr Manzoor, Kris Ronsin

While the global health community is more aware of gender disparities in the burden of disease,

in the health workforce, in social determinants of health, and even in leadership; the World Health Organization (WHO), as the designated leading global health organization, continues to lag behind when it comes to achieving gender equity and hardwiring it into its leadership, governance, programs, and activities.

An elephant in the room: How does Gender Equality fit in the priorities WHO Director General candidates?

Gender Analysis: Much like the rest of the election process, the question of gender and gender equality was largely absence, particularly striking as gender featured so highly in conversations around the recent UNSG selection process.  However, when the issue of gender was finally raised towards the end of the event - many of the candidates came out strong with supporting an ethos of gender equality.  Whether this support is in theory only, or if they have practical suggestions to addressing the topic directly is yet to be seen.  

Gender Equality Event Organizer's Checklist

There is a need for equal gender representation in global health leadership, and this equal representation should be reflected in global health events. These events should include the perspectives and interests of all genders, recognize the importance of diversity, and emphasize both male and female role models. The checklist was created in partnership with Global Health Council under the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative to support event organizers to ensure greater gender parity at global health events.

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