Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative presents the 2016 #iLeadGH campaign

Showcasing global health leadership diversity

What is #iLeadGH?

#iLeadGH is a social media campaign (March 2016 - December 2016), primarily based on Twitter,  that aims to showcase gender, age, regional, and ethnic diversity of global health leadership by sharing photos of participating individuals using the hashtag - #iLeadGH.



Three-quarters of people engaged and working in global health are women, yet women are underrepresented in decision-making positions in global health. At the 68th World Health Assembly in 2015, only 23% of chief delegates of member state delegations were headed by women.



Equitable gender representation in the highest ranks of global health leadership.



  • To showcase diversity in global health leadership (key message)

  • To empower and support emerging and mid-career women leaders in global health to continue their upwards trajectory

  • To recognise and promote the work and thought leadership of women in global health

  • To provide an opportunity for current and future leaders in global health to inspire, connect and collaborate

  • To increase the awareness and reach of the Women in Global Health movement.

How can you participate?
  1. Tweet a photo of yourself with a tagline about why you think you are a leader in global health and use the hashtag #iLeadGH OR submit nominations of global health leaders (name, photo and a less than 120 character message) using the hashtag #iLeadGH and tweet to @womeninGH on twitter

  2. Change your social media profile photo to an #iLeadGH photo using the Twibbon campaign page www.twibbon.com/Support/ileadgh to show your support

  3. Or send a nomination of yourself or a nominee to WLGHI@globalhealth.org

Not sure what to say?​

Statements such as:

  • I am a leader in my organisation [insert brief info on role/organisation]…

  • I want a future with equitable representation; person’s thoughts on global health leadership ...


Or answer the question:

What makes you a global health leader?

What is your advice for aspiring leaders?


Dr. Christine Sow, President & Executive Director, Global Health Council, discusses their new initiative called the Women Leaders in Global Health, launched to promote women in global health policy leadership.

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Funds raised by the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative will be directed towards elevating and supporting the role of women in global health and empower women to identify and develop necessary leadership skills. WLGHI advocates for ending gender disparity in global health leadership through capacity building, mentorship and networking. Through the use of these tools, and by involving all genders, we will strengthen the global health community and magnify female leaders’ voices. 

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Questions? info@womeningh.org