Arush Lal

Arush Lal

Vice Chair

United States of America


Arush Lal serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Women in Global Health, where he pushes for gender equity and intersectionality in global health leadership. He is an International Consultant at PAHO/WHO, supporting member states to improve access to essential medicines and public health supplies and facilitating COVID-19 response by preventing stockouts and mitigating downstream health impacts.

Arush is currently pursuing an MPhil/PhD in Health Policy & Health Economics at the London School of Economics, where he is researching the political economy of global health governance at the nexus of universal health coverage and global health security, with an interest in building cross-sectoral capacity of health workforce and health information systems in crisis contexts.

Arush has policy, advocacy, and research experience in primary health care and community workforce development, health emergency preparedness and response (including on Ebola and Zika), and resilient health systems strengthening at the national and global levels. Arush has worked on diverse, rights-based health initiatives including IntraHealth International, the U.S. HHS Office for Global Affairs (Pandemics & Emerging Threats Division), and Friends of the Global Fund for AIDS, TB, and Malaria. Arush has been nominated as a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, Women Deliver Young Leader, and WHO/UNICEF Primary Health Care Young Leader. An Emerging Voices for Global Health Fellow and Global Health Corps Fellow, Arush’s work has been published in The Lancet and BMJ Global Health and he is an invited speaker on youth engagement, equality, and innovation in global health.

Arush has an MSc in Health Policy, Planning & Financing from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine / London School of Economics as a Rotary Global Scholar and a BSc in Business Administration & Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Stamps President’s Scholar.