A Milestone Moment: Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History (And Disruptive Women Seldom Make it into

Key reflections from The Lancet Women Theme Issue Launch in London and New York A powerful feeling was palpable throughout the launch of the Lancet Women Theme Issue, as scholars, experts, and advocates in science, medicine and global health gathered for the milestone moment in gender equality. Starting off the first launch event in London was Richard Horton, Editor-in-chief of the Lancet, who spoke about the Hallam Centre - the host venue for the launch. For a long time, the centre was the embodiment of western patriarchy in medicine, as it had once housed the General Medical Council, dominated by white men in the West dictating healthcare for the masses around the world. Witnessing the jux

Launching the list of 200+ Francophone Women Leaders in Global Health: Taking stock and next steps

In 2014 and 2015, Illona Kickbush, Director of the Global Health Programme at the Graduate Institute of Development and International Studies in Geneva, launched the #WGH100 and #WGH300 lists of Women Leaders in Global Health to redress the lack of recognition of women in global health leadership and governance [1, 2]. This historic initiative, circulated throughout social media, received tremendous international support and underlined the necessity for frank conversations about the lack of representation of talented women who work and are experts in global health. We contend, however, that these initial lists showed geographical and linguistic disparities among different groups of women. As

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