Gender Transformative Leadership: A New Vision for Leadership in Global Health

Gender Transformative Leadership: A New Vision for Leadership in Global Health Authors: Ann Keeling, Mehr Manzoor, Kelly Thompson, and Roopa Dhatt, Women in Global Health Acknowledgments: Temi Ifafore-Calfee, Alanna Shaikh, and Caitlin Jackson Since its launch in 2015 the Women in Global Health (WGH) movement has campaigned for gender parity[1] in the leadership of global health organisations and for going beyond parity to gender equality, through operationalising Gender Transformative Leadership (GTL). The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with Universal Health Coverage at the centre, set an ambitious agenda for global health[2] to reach by 2030. But progress continues to be held back

Women Leaders in Global Health: Fixing the system, not fixing women

This week, more than 850 participants from around 90 countries will meet in London at the second annual Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGH) conference on November 8-9, 2018. Women in Global Health will be leading several sessions at the conference and the title of one of those sessions sums up our message: “Can we flip the coin? Moving from recognising power and privilege imbalances in global health leadership to doing something about it.” Women hold over 70% of jobs in the global health and social care workforce but only 20% of leadership roles. Women deliver global health and men lead it – and that is not okay. Women are often told to be patient because ‘women are in the pipeline’ and it

The Audacity of Black Women in Health and Medicine: Event Report

“If you could use 3 words to describe what it feels like to be a black woman in health and medicine, what would they be?” moderator Sarah Kashef asked panelists on Thursday October 11, 2018 at Howard University. This question sparked an outpouring of answers from panelists. empowering, necessary, needed, wanted, underrepresented, underpaid, lonely, fierce. The panel titled the Audacity of Black Women in Health and Medicine was hosted by Howard’s GlobeMed chapter and the ANUPAS. The panelists, accomplished black women at various stages of their careers, spent the evening answering questions for the 30 students in the audience. Students ranged from sophomores trying to select their majors, to

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