Forty Years Later: Let's Not Be Gender Blind

Women in Global Health (WGH) strongly supports the commitment made by world leaders in in the Declaration of Alma-Ata 1978 to achieve health for all through Primary Health Care (PHC). We believe that the commitment to Universal Health Coverage (UHC), agreed to by world leaders in the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3, Target 3.8), is the visionary goal that can deliver health for all. PHC and UHC are mutually reinforcing. PHC is essential to meeting the right to health for all people everywhere and therefore essential to achieving UHC. In turn, UHC rests on the foundation of effective and equitable PHC. WGH therefore applauds the resolve expressed in the draft Astana Declaration to r

Engaging Men in the Gender Equality discussion: an interview with Mr. Peter Sands, Executive Directo

Mr. Peter Sands is the Executive Director of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and was formerly the CEO of the Standard Chartered Bank. Women in Global Health’s Executive Director Roopa Dhatt and Senior Fellow Ann Keeling sat down with Mr. Peter Sands to ask him some questions surrounding his experience in working towards gender equality. [Women in Global Health]: What was your experience of gender equality in your career before joining the Global Fund? Can you tell us about any policies or programs you have led to advance gender equality? [Mr Peter Sands]: At Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), I came into an organization that somebody described as a bit ‘pale, male and st

Disruptive Women Hit #UNGA73 in New York

The 73rd UN General Assembly sweeps mid-town Manhattan each autumn in New York, blocking roads to accommodate visiting Heads of State, notwithstanding long security queues to get into the UN HQ Building. The usual whirlwind week for New York – but with Canada PM Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, and our WGH team all convening at the same venue. UNGA 73 has finally shone a spotlight on global health issues, hosting two health-related High Level Meetings (HLMs) in 2018. Previously, only two health-related HLMs had been held in total - HIV/AIDS in 2000 and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in 2011. Health advocates and practitioners were in full attendance at the HLMs for the fight to end Tuberculosis

Women's Leadership in the Health Workforce: Takeaways from an UNGA Roundtable Discussion

Investing in employment for women in the health sector has a massive potential impact on women’s overall economic empowerment - this is a no brainer. However, despite the fact that the world realizes this and the fact that there are persistent efforts being held to raise attention to the barriers that inhibit the maximization of this impact for women (as reported in several recent reports and forums), the international development community still lacks clear, evidence-based solutions to gaining a more equitable leadership landscape. Last week, in the background of UNGA, Frontline Health Workers Coalition (℅ IntraHealth International) and Women Deliver, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson

When Fearless Women Lead Women: Africa's Endless Possibilities for Women Leadership

AfricaHouse, known as the Centre of Gravity for Africa in New York, is a mobile show that highlights Africa’s talent and makes the case for investing in this awesome continent. During the week of the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Africa House was in New York City - in the legendary Elizabeth Taylor’s old residence (!) and this is exactly the kind of setting that create ambience for not the typical conversation--where multi-sectoral connections and cross-cutting agendas were created. And this was where Women in Global Health’s Executive Director Roopa Dhatt was invited to speak at an UNGA side-event, “#WomenLead: Fearless Women Leading Women.” The event, held on Septemb

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