Ten Asks: doing things differently in Gender Equality and Global Health

‘Good health is essential for sustained economic and social development and for poverty reduction. This requires universal health coverage, underpinned by a strong health system..’ UN Secretary General August 2018 [1] As momentum builds on addressing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Tuberculosis (TB) – it is important to also look at the foundation that will support the achievement of the SDG 3 Health and Wellbeing targets, including Universal Health Coverage (UHC). If the World Health Organization (WHO) is able to achieve its Triple Billion Goal [2] – one billion more people benefiting from UHC, one billion more people better protected from health emergencies, and one billion more peop

Greater Equity in Global Health Leadership: Gender and Beyond

Reflections from the American Academy of Family Physicians Global Summit 13 September 2018 It’s about time for greater self-reflection on gender equity in the health profession. As guardians of health, physicians and health professionals are committed by oath to promote health equity, but we are not always willing to have the difficult conversations about the deep rooted power structures and relations that drive a culture of inequity to continue to exist in health systems - especially among the health workforce where 70% of the sector is comprised of women. Health equity and Primary Health Care (PHC), the 40th Anniversary of Alma Ata, was the focus the American Academy of Family Physicians

Gender transformative policies and the health workforce: key recommendations and findings

The Gender Equity Hub (GEH), co-chaired by Women in Global Health and the World Health Organization's Global Health Workforce Network hosted a webinar on August 7th, 2018. The webinar provided overview of the findings of the GEH consultative working paper on Gender and Equity in the Global Health Workforce that Mehr Manzoor and Dr. Kelly Thompson from Women in Global Health have been leading. The key policy recommendations were also shared that called for adoption of gender transformative approaches to addressing health workforce challenges and achieving gender equality. The webinar was well attended and participants represented various sectors including academia, research, health workforce,

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