Launch of Women in Global Health Chapter: WGH Germany

Establishing the WGH Chapter in Germany reflects the leading role Germany is taking in global health. It is therefore critical to ensure that women's contribution is visible and recognised, and that women and men are equally represented in leadership positions. Prof. Dr. h.c. Ilona Kickbusch (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva) and Dr. Sabine Ludwig (Charité Berlin / Robert Koch Institute) have taken forward this idea and initiated the establishment of a group of women working in the field of global health in Berlin in July 2017 to discuss on the founding of a German chapter of the international movement “Women in Global Health”. Dr. Roopa Dhatt, one of the f

"Women's leadership in global health" Graduate Institute Strategy Roundtable #4

On November 29, 2017, Women in Global Health (WGH) partnered with the Global Health Centre (GHC) at the Graduate Institute to hold a strategic roundtable event in Geneva, Switzerland. This was the 4th part of an ongoing series exploring gender equality in global health. Speakers included Dr Michaela Told from GHC and Dr. Roopa Dhatt from WGH. In attendance were approximately 20 high-level leaders and advisors in global health policy and strategy, members of various international missions to Geneva, and the international secretariat. The purpose of the event was to combine multi-stakeholder efforts to engage the WHO Executive Board, Member States, and the WHO in discussion about their specif

The GHC Landscape Symposium Partnerships Panel

On 8th December 2017, the Global Health Council (GHC) Landscape Symposium Partnerships Panel, entitled ‘What’s in it for Everyone?’ invited participants to have an honest discussion about the practices and pitfalls of partnerships, and how to best align agendas and outcomes for shared success. Panelists were Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet (Merck for Mothers), Dr. Claudia Morrisey Conlon (USAID), and Dr. Roopa Dhatt (Women in Global Health), with Kirsten Gagnaire (FSG) as moderator. Women in Global Health (WGH)’s different approach to partnerships is rooted in its relatively recent unique inception. WGH’s Executive Director Dr. Roopa Dhatt, emphasized core to WGH’s philosophy is working as a movement.

Creating and nurturing global networks - in collaboration with Going International

This article was originally posted on the Going International website ( A couple of years ago Bonnie wrote a series of posts on how our concept of networking has changed in a more globally connected world. We are continuing to see an increase in global networking and in the creation and expansion of new networks. Two new efforts provide interesting examples of how some of these new networks are being created and some of what is being learned. Civil Society and Testing Change The Civil Society and Testing Change project is a collaborative effort among a network of organizations and individuals interested in

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