Gender-equality path to health: Conversations at The Future of Global Health 2017

Women in Global Health’s Research Coordinator Mehr Manzoor attended The Future of Global Health 2017 and writes about what she learned. The Future of Global Health 2017 (TFGH17) was held on March 1st, 2017, and jointly organized by the Global Health Council and the Global Health Fellows Program II. I attended the event as a lead hub conversation leader and the topic of our hub-conversation was “The gender-equality path to health and why it is so hard to make lasting change”. This event offered a great platform for young emerging professionals in the fields of global health to meet people in their areas of interest, build valuable connections, share common goals and engage in powerful convers

Giving hopes and dreams to others: Women Leadership Spotlight on Folake Olayinka

Folake Olayinka is a medical doctor and public health specialist . She is a Nigerian who has worked and lived in different parts of the world, including Nigeria, the United States, Cote d I’voire and Ghana. She has also worked across various aspects of public health such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Maternal and Child Health , Polio eradication and Routine immunization. She spoke to Women in Global Health about her journey to her current position as a global health professional with a lens for gender equality. - Please give us a background on your career and your path to where you are now. It has been quite a journey and the journey continues- every day I am inspired by new things I am learnin

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