Power and prejudice: How does inequity play out in the institutions and processes of health systems

Co-facilitators Kate Hawkins (RinGS), Roopa Dhatt (Women in Global Health), Sreytouch Vong (RinGS), Rosemary Morgan (RinGS & John Hopkins), Kati Wilkins (Women in Global Health), and Sarah Ssali (RinGS). The room was buzzing at the Global Symposium on Health Systems research with a new kind of energy as conference attendees found themselves in a rare engagement about power and prejudices, in relation to their own professional, political and personal lives. The participatory dialogue opened with a short presentation – with a clear goal - “To help us begin thinking about inequities within research systems, organisations and institutions. To shine a light on persistent weakness in our systems o

Q&A with Executive Director of Global Health Council - Women Leader in Global Health Loyce Pace

Women in Global Health is honoured to interview President and Executive Director of Global Health Council, where she shares her career path and wisdom as a Women Leader in Global Health: 1. Please tell us a little about your global health career path that led you to this position as Executive Director of Global Health Council. I’ve heard people talk about two types of professional journeys: The traditional “ladder” or the less-predictable “jungle gym.” Mine has been more the latter, for sure. I always had a heart for health problems, thinking I would find myself in medicine, but being discouraged by the US healthcare system, I focused more on policy and social determinants of health. That fi

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