The Women Leaders Issue - November Newsletter

Want this right to your inbox? Subscribe here! What's Inside This month we celebrate Women Leaders! In this issue, we are focusing on leadership through a global health perspective. Read about Emerging Voices, where we hosted a workshop during this informative pre-conference. Check out other recent events we attended and their outcomes, such as the American Public Health Association (APHA) session, Is leaning in enough?: The role of intersectionality, gender and public health leadership. Finally, we will be highlighting an "up and coming" women leader and her podcast Women in Diplomacy. Be sure to subscribe to learn from international women in leadership roles and their inspiring journeys!

First anniversary of the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative (WLGHI): Accomplishments and less

A Letter to the Global Health Community Dear Global Health Community, In the aftermath of recent global events, the world has awakened a growing movement for the values of peace, equity and rights to counter the growing fear, division and hate. We have hope that people in our community will take steps in their spheres of influence to work with even more dedication to create equitable societies for all people, regardless of their gender and background, for achieving greater health and well being for all. Now more than ever, Women in Global Health, through the Women Leaders in Global Health Initiative (WLGHI) is committed to doing our part by increasing the visibility and recognition of women

The power of storytelling, how Women in Global Health disrupted the APHA

The initial intention for the release of this blog was to be a celebratory piece on the first woman elected to the role of POTUS and to highlight the advances women, and those whose own experiences are reflected in the intersections our recent panel at APHA highlight, have achieved. But as Tuesday turned to Wednesday, and it became increasingly clear that rather than the progress we hoped for, the electorate had selected the candidate who openly supported misogyny, racism and so many other levels of hate, we began to feel a multitude of emotions from deflation to fear. But Women in Global Health was not started in response to a perfect world, but rather as an outlet for women who sought to

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