American Public Health Association Conference 

With the fame of Sheryl Sandberg's "lean in" philosophy and a strong female presidential candidate, there is a buzz around the growth of female leadership in the world today. The most notable example of this in the health field was the #WGH300 twitter campaign that aimed to highlight 300 great women working in global health, nominated by their peers. The list garnered international attention and was featured in The Lancet. The campaign spawned the movement Women in Global Health, that calls for an examination of the current leadership positions and the barriers that exist to women in occupying them. Introduced by two of the Women in Global Health co-founders, Caity Jackson and Roopa Dhatt, this session, made up of an impressive panel of female leaders in global health presented personal stories, and sector information and data about gender equity. Participants left the session more aware of the role gender equity plays in relation to the SDGs, addressing the problems and able to propose solutions to overcoming the glass ceiling women often encounter on the road to leadership.


The Women in Global Health movement would like to graciously thank Nicole Schiegg of for moderating, and panelists Dr. Christine Sow, CEO of Global Health Council; Pauvri Bhatt, Senior Director of Medtronic Philanthropy; Dr. Laetitia Rispel, Dean of the School of Public Health of the University of the WitwatersrandDr. Isabella Danel, Deputy Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO); and Alyssa Smaldino, Executive Director of GlobeMed for their insightful remarks and lively discussion.